• Continuous odor control
  • Prevents ammonia odor for 2 weeks, guaranteed*
  • 50% lighter than leading clumping litter
  • Low dust for a clean, easy pour
  • Light, tight clumps for easy scooping
  • Powerfully absorbent
  • From the brand most often recommended and personally used by veterinarians

      *When used as directed

    Available Sizes

    • jug


      6 lb and 8.5 lb resealable, recyclable plastic jugs

    • pail


       17 lb resealable, recyclable plastic pail

    • image of 17 lb bag in box packaging


      17 lb bag in box packaging

    • image of 17 lb bag in box packaging


      19.5 lb bag in box packaging

    Product Description

    Tidy gives you a clumping litter with two weeks of ammonia odor prevention, working around the clock, at just half the weight compared to leading clumping litter.

    Please keep in mind that while this product is 99.9% dust free, veterinarians typically do not recommend clay-based litter for cats with respiratory issues or who are recovering from surgery.