Caitlin and Her Dog Vaida at Work

Caitlin, who works in fulfillment at Ibex, adopted her 4-year-old Lab/Newfoundland mix Vaida four years ago, from an organization that helps southern dogs find homes in New England. She gave her new friend the name she'd always wanted to give her very first dog - Vaida, after the star character in My Girl. Since then, "She's been the best thing that's ever happened to me," Caitlin says.

The two are inseparable friends and enthusiastic hiking companions. Because Ibex lets Caitlin work four 10-hour days per week, she is able to have a whole extra day free to explore beautiful Vermont with her canine best friend. "No matter what the weather is, we try to climb at least one mountain a week - and more often than not we climb many mountains a week," she says.


Vaida is the first Ibex dog that has hung out in the warehouse - and she's adapted just fine. She has no problem spending the whole day napping, chasing around balls and giving warm greetings to all the deliverymen. 

For Caitlin, having Vaida around has made work easier - and more fun.

"I think the biggest benefit of having her with me is probably the companionship. If you’re having a bummer day, it’s nice to be able to bend down and pet your dog," she says.

Beyond that, having her dog at works means she doesn't have to stress about staying late, and the two of them can get right back to nature after work without having to stop at home first.


Caitlin feels lucky that her Vermont hometown makes it so easy to integrate her dog into her whole life.  

"I just started bringing her everywhere I go," she says. "She's just like my other half."

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