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Our Facility


Our Facility

For more than 80 years, Purina has been a leader in pet care and nutrition. As part of our mission to show the world the true potential of pets, Purina has been hosting outdoor dog shows and sporting events for the past 16 years and has become an important partner of kennel and parent breed clubs. With the opening of the Purina Event Center, Purina Farms has become a full-service destination for cat and dog enthusiasts who want to host, participate in or attend an indoor or outdoor show.

The Purina Event Center, an 84,000-square-foot state-of-the-art indoor facility that opened in August 2010, can accommodate even the largest of dog and cat shows and performance events, and includes all the amenities to make every event exceptional.


  • The Great Hall is a 45,000-square-foot main exhibition space featuring custom-textured sport flooring that is padded for optimal comfort and safety. Space for 150 overflow grooming stations is available in the hall.

  • The Gateway Hall is a 13,500-square-foot space for benching and grooming, and features easy access to the dog bathing room and handler changing rooms. It also serves as an excellent exhibition hall for smaller shows and trials. Ample electricity accommodates more than 150 grooming stations.

  • Lighting in both exhibition spaces is designed to approximate natural sunlight, helping provide the best showcase for dogs’ and cats’ coats.

  • The fully equipped show office has a built-in sound system, as well as a phone, office equipment and both work and storage space.

  • The Checkerboard Café, adjacent to the Great Hall, provides food service at all shows and banquet catering by reservation. No outside food is allowed on the property.

  • The Founder's Room on the second level offers an excellent view of all activities taking place below and can accommodate banquets, meetings and special receptions. The balcony off the Founder's Room also offers scenic views of the main exhibition space, and is ideal for recording shows.

  • A large conference room is located away from the exhibition halls on the second floor, as well.

  • The Service Center, located East of the Purina Event Center, features an exam room, meeting space, showering facilities, dog bathing tubs and off-leash canine exercise areas.

  • The Purina Event Center offers complimentary agility, rally and obedience equipment as well as ring gating, tables and chairs.

  • Artificial turf (90 x 110 rings) is available upon request for indoor agility trials.

  • We provide ample parking for vehicles, as well as full-service RV spaces with 30&50 amp electric, water and sewer connections

  • There are multiple drop-off lanes for exhibitors and clubs to load and unload supplies and equipment.

  • A separate loading dock is located on the west side of the building for large deliveries.

  • Two special tribute walkways, the Walk of Champions and the Path of Honor, lead to the north and south entrances of the building.

  • Wi-Fi available inside the Purina Event Center and the adjacent RV lot

Agility at the Purina Event Center

Artificial turf is available for agility trials at the Purina Event Center

Artificial turf is available for agility trials at the Purina Event Center

Booking an Event


For more information on Purina Farms property and facility rental, Email us or call us at 1-888-688-PETS (7387). Aside from dog and cat shows, the Purina Event Center also hosts other pet-related events. Commercial rates are available on request.


Tents ranging in size from 10' x 10' to 40' x 80' are available on-site and can be used for shows, judging, grooming, food service and many other tasks.

Other support equipment available includes flagging, portable sound systems, tables, chairs, fans, ring gating and signs.

Portable toilet facilities can be brought to the site (at host club's expense).


“I love Purina food and the company. They have done more for us throughout the years than any other entity. We believe in education, health, and rescue. Purina has allowed us to promote all three of these elements to assist our breed. You are fantastic. Plus, your management is top notch and so very helpful at all times.”

—German Shepherd Dog Club of America 2021 Show Chair


“We we’re very impressed with the facility and have attended events there for over 20 years. The facility has improved considerably over the years and is ranking near the top in my book. I have fed Purina products for 40 plus years and will continue to do so. I think your products are among the best on the market.”

—Greater St. Louis Shetland Sheepdog Club 2022 Show Chair


“I want to thank the Purina staff for making our Clumber National a success. Your team made the event run as smoothly as possible. Our members commented on how nice Purina Farms’ facilities are and how you team was great to work with and eager to help. We hope to come back. Thank you to your staff for all they did.”

—Clumber Spaniel Club of America 2022 Show Chair 


“The staff at Purina Farms continually go out of their way to make our show a success.”

—Poodle Club of America 2022 Show Chair