Watch or Host a Canine Event

Purina Farms is an excellent place to host outdoor canine activities, including agility, lure coursing, herding, conformation, tracking, flying disc and earthdog events. Six outdoor competition areas on the property provide space for almost any competition or exhibition. Outdoor competition areas consist of the following: 

  • Main Show Field
  • Agility Field
  • Herding and Trial Field
  • Working Dog and Flying Disc Competition Field
  • Go to Ground/Earthdog Dens
  • Diving Dog Pool at the Purina Visitor Center

Unless otherwise noted, spectators are welcome at any of our outdoor canine competition areas to watch these remarkable dogs demonstrate their skills. Spectators can sit ringside or watch from bleachers and grassy hillsides situated near the competition areas.

Main Show Field

1St Tent And Grassy Area

The 130' x 140' lighted Main Show Field accommodates dog shows and events as well as corporate gatherings and family days. The Main Show Field features one 40' x 80' tented concrete pad and manicured lawn areas equipped with a sprinkler system. A lawn area with parking and another 40' x 80' tented concrete pad is also available near the Main Show Field. RV parking, spectator seating, competition equipment, tables, chairs and picnic tables are also available. Catering can also be arranged. Note: The field is the site of the national finals for the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge™ every year. Contact Kaite at 314-982-5211 to book your event in the Main Show Field.

Agility Field

Dog Tunnel

Located near the front of Purina Farms property, across from the Incredible Dog Arena, the 100' x 110' Agility Field features a 22' x 45' covered pavilion, a full set of agility equipment and ring-gating.

During National Specialties, the outdoor field can only be used for breed-specific trials. Events unrelated to agility can also be held here. Inquire for more information.

Herding and Trial Field

The spacious 10-acre Herding and Trial Field makes a superb location for herding competitions, lure coursing or for oval or straight-track whippet races. Developed specifically for field and test competitions, the field is perfect for sanctioned events.

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 At 2.13.15 PM

The Herding and Trial Field has three fenced-in areas that can be used for herding. These areas include a lighted 100’ x 200’ A-Course, a completely fenced B-Course of about 10 acres that includes holding pens and a lighted round pen sutiable for beginning dogs and instinct testing. Gravel parking is provided,  as well as tents and equipment.

Purina Farms also supplies more than 150 Katahdin/Barbados Cross sheep that are accustomed to being herded. There is no fee for use of the sheep or the field. Although the ducks are not supplied, the Herding and Trial Field also features a 60' x 100' duck arena.

Working Dog and Flying Disc Competition Field

Along the west side of the Purina Event Center, the Working Dog and Flying Disc Competition Field  is a 180' x 400' flat grassy area, situated for easy access and use.

Flyingdog Black

Go To Ground/Earthdog Dens

Earthdog8 Cropped

Eight earthdog dens are available for use at Purina Farms. Two were established by the Missouri Earthdog Club, and six by joint effort of the Dachshund Club of St. Louis and Gateway Terrier Association.  All are in place permanently and ready for use by terrier and dachshund enthusiasts. A key to the shed at E-dog is located at the Purina Event Center. In the shed there is a plastic box marked “Common Usage”. In this box you will find dowels and some rat cages for you to use. Please return any items you use to the box in the shed and be sure to lock up the dens as you leave.

Den A: Novice / AKC Intro to Quarry (IQ)
This is a fenced ten foot tunnel with one ninety degree turn

Den B: Novice / AKC Intro to Quarry (IQ)
This is a fenced ten foot tunnel with one ninety degree turn

Den C: Novice / AKC Intro to Quarry (IQ)
This is a fenced ten foot tunnel with one ninety degree turn

Den D: Novice / AKC Intro to Quarry, Open / AKC Junior, AKC Senior
This fenced system consists of a Novice / Into to Quarry tunnel that backs up to a standard thirty foot tunnel with three ninety degree bends (Open/AKC Junior, AKC Senior) with a false exit. Sliders are in place where the false exit and den connect to the main tunnel. This den is not AKC compliant.

Den E: Open / Stakes, AKC Junior, Senior and Master Earth:
This den is being rebuilt in early 2016. The new design will incorporate AKC Junior, Senior and Master designs, giving redundancy to the existing AKC dens. The footprint of the den will also allow Missouri Earthdogs to run their Stakes Go To Ground competition at this den. The den will be made by Purina Farms of the new, plastic wood composition, providing low maintenance on the den. The yard of the den will be 90’ by 100’, making it the largest of all the Purina Farms fenced dens. To accommodate the many levels of AKC competition at this site many sliders will be available. Walk up to this Master den may be through the field where Den H (Master) is located or from beneath this den.

Den F: AKC Junior Earth:
This den is located up the hill from the multitasking Den F. It is fenced and consists of the standard 30’ tunnel with three ninety degree turns. It is made of the new plastic wood material.

Den G: AKC Senior Earth:
Further up the hill from the newest den, the AKC Junior earth, this fenced complex is a standard Senior den consisting of thirty feet of tunnel, three ninety degree turns, false den, and false exit. It is also made of the new plastic wood material. Dens F and G were both built and installed in 2013.

Den H: AKC Master Earth:
This beautiful den was rebuilt in January 2014 using the new plastic wood material. It is designed in an H shape to allow two variations of den entrances. The common middle section of the H design houses the baffle. Each leg of the H design houses a false exit, den, and a section into which the constrictor can be dropped. The den is located in a wooded area at the top of a large meadow, which provides an ideal setting for this event. Several options for the walk up to the den are available. Quiet and remote, most trial organizers borrow a Gator from Purina to ferry each brace to the walk up starting area.

Still needing some finishing touches and plant growth, we’re pleased that the E-dog neighborhood at Purina Farms has steadily improved and enlarged over the years. This was made possible by the cooperation between our three local earthdog clubs and Nestle Purina. Please contact any of the listed area E-dog clubs if you would like find out more about offering an earthdog event for your next show at Purina Farms.  AKC     AKC

Diving Dog Pool

The Incredible Dog Arena at the Visitor Center features an 18' x 50' x 4' (deep) heated pool and a ramp that measures 8' wide x 45' long. The pool is available upon request when time and schedules permit. The Purina Farms trainers are also available to oversee activities at the pool.

Sara Divingdog

Barn Hunt

Barnhunt 0636

Now considered one of the fastest growing canine sports, Barn Hunt takes place in the Main Show Field under a 40x80 tent. All gating, matting, ramps, bridges and tubes provided by Purina Farms. All breeds of dogs can compete in this sport, and it’s also a great spectator event. Click HERE to find out more about more about barn hunt.