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Purina Cares: Sponsoring a Litter of Mental Health Support Puppy

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Fostering For The Future

We’re proud to be the first corporate sponsor of an entire litter of puppies at Duo Dogs, a nonprofit that provides Assistance and Facility dogs to organizations and youth with physical, mental and emotional needs.

Purina employees will serve as volunteer puppy raisers, providing care and support for all 10 Labrador Retrievers for approximately 16 months until their eventual placement as a certified facility, assistance or service dog.

We believe the Power of Pets can have a significant impact on the youth mental health crisis. And are extremely thankful for our employees stepping up to help raise and train therapy dogs that will impact so many kids lives.

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Duo Dogs Milestones

8 WEEKS - Whelper Helpers raise new puppies with 24/7 care at Duo Dogs facility.

16 MONTHS – Puppy is placed in a Volunteer Puppy Raiser’s home for socialization and basic training.

4-6 MONTHS – Puppy returns to Duo Dogs for Advanced Training.

2 WEEKS – Duo Dog trains and bonds with client.

FORWARD – Bonded Duo Dogs are placed in youth mental health facilities.