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Purina Cares: Touch Therapy Dog Partnership

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Sit. Pet. Heal.

Now more than ever before, kids are battling with persistent feelings of sadness. Our teens are stressed, depressed and anxious. We’re working to change that by unleashing the healing power of pets.​

Animal-assisted therapy is proven to positively impact kids’ mental health. And the demand for these services is increasing rapidly. So, Purina now offers a recurring 16-week course for employees and their family dogs to become certified pet therapy teams through Duo Dogs, a nonprofit organization that trains assistance dogs.​

​Upon graduation, certified teams are eligible to provide comfort and healing for kids in the St. Louis area at Duo facility partner sites including schools, youth organizations, hospitals, treatment centers and more. ​

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Watch How Purina Is Unleashing The Healing Power Of Pets

Touch Therapy Benefits

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Reduce stress and anxiety

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Reduce feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression

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Lower blood pressure