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The #PurinaRecyclesChallenge

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How to Participate

Show us how you recycle your pet food can with a Trick Shot!

Toss your empty can into a recycling bin or bag and post your recycling video to Instagram and/or TikTok with #PurinaRecyclesChallenge. And remember to challenge a friend!

Trick shots can be as simple or creative as you like. You don’t have to show yourself in the video, or peel the label off your can – just rinse it out, toss it in, and post it!

VP of Environmental Sustainability, Gopi Sandhu’s #PurinaRecyclesChallenge Trick Shot

Purina will donate $10 for every original pet food can recycling trick shot video uploaded to TikTok and/or Instagram using the hashtag #PurinaRecyclesChallenge, and $1 for every engagement (like/share/comment) with each video, for a total donation of up to $100,000, to The Recycling Partnership. 

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Why is it Important to Recycle Pet Food Cans?

Each year, nearly 300 million tons of waste are produced in the U.S. but just 32% is recycled (Source: EPA). While the recycling rate has increased about 25% since the 1960s, there is clearly still plenty of work to keep recyclable materials out of landfills. Recycling pet food cans instead of throwing them away can make a huge difference!

That’s because aluminum and steel are not only 100% recyclable but can also be recycled over and over, a virtually infinite number of times.

So for every can you recycle, and for every person your trick shot video inspires to recycle their own cans, you’re helping make the world a better, cleaner place for everyone!

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Purina’s Commitment to Sustainability

Most Americans want to recycle, but they face several barriers: not every material is recyclable, and those that are can’t always be recycled in the same way. Plus, only 59% of people in the U.S. are estimated to have curbside recycling (Source: The Recycling Partnership).

That’s why we’re doing something about it. We want to raise awareness not only of the need for more people to recycle cans, but also of the larger issue: the need for greater access to recycling and increased support for recycling infrastructure across the country.

And though we’re already supporting recycling and other sustainability efforts through packaging design innovations and partnerships with charities and retailers like Walmart, we need your help to spread the word.

From 12:01 am ET on Monday, Sept. 11, 2023, to 11:59 pm ET on December 15, 2023, Nestlé Purina PetCare Company will donate to The Recycling Partnership $10 for every original pet food can recycling trick shot video uploaded to TikTok or Instagram using the hashtag #PurinaRecyclesChallenge, and $1 for every engagement (like/share/comment) with each video, up to a maximum total donation of $100,000.  


For more information on The Recycling Partnership, visit www.recyclingpartnership.org.  


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