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Purina’s Recyclable Packaging Innovations

We believe future generations of people and pets deserve safe and healthy spaces to roam and play. There are many ways we can leave our planet better than we found it. One is envisioning a future where none of our product packaging ends up in landfills.

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Innovative, Packaging Designed for Recycling

While that’s our ultimate vision, we’re not there yet. So, we’re designing innovative, sustainable packaging and supporting efforts to improve recycling infrastructure so more materials can be recycled.

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Designed for Recycling

We remain committed to designing 100 percent of our plastic packaging for recycling. By 2025, we expect 95 percent of it will be. Currently, 90 percent of our plastic packaging is designed for recycling. 

“Designed for recycling” means that we measure each aspect of a package design against industry-accepted criteria to ensure that it is recyclable at scale in today’s recycling system or will be recycled at scale in future recycling systems.

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Incorporating More Recycled Materials

By 2025, globally we aim to reduce our use of virgin plastics by one-third. Key to this effort is incorporating recycled content into our packaging. Currently, nearly half of our Tidy Cats litter jugs are made with 60 percent post-consumer resin (recycled plastic). By 2025, all of our Tidy Cats litter jugs will be made with 100 percent recycled content. Tidy’s specially designed pail refill bags also help reduce plastic waste and allow you to reuse the pails you already own.

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Newly Recyclable Materials

As a result of Purina’s innovation in packaging design, we’re moving to recyclable packages that maintain the quality and taste your pets enjoy while having less of an impact on the environment. See what packages are recyclable today and what we’re working on.

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Better Systems

In support of our ultimate vision for our packaging to be recyclable and recycled by pet owners, we must also help increase access to recycling and advocate for a more circular economy. We support trade organizations and are involved in coalitions that are helping to promote a better recycling system in the U.S.  

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