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How to Make a DIY Elevated Cat Feeding Station

Updated: 1/27/20242-4 minutes
Cat Eating

When cats are feeding, they like to be able to see what’s around them. They also like surfaces that don’t impede their whiskers. But another way you can make your cat more comfortable is by elevating the eating surface.

By positioning the food or water closer to the height of your cat’s mouth, it puts less stress on his or her joints and allows for a more natural, relaxed posture.

As we get ready for Maker Faire in New York City, September 21-22, 2013, we’ve noticed there are an increasing number of ideas for things you can make for cats popping up online, including feeding stations.  

Check out this step-by-step to make one for your cat. All materials can be found at a major box store retailer or a home improvement store.

What You’ll Need

A Cutting Board - Ours is rectangular and has a groove around the perimeter. This will come in handing for catching stray kibble.
Two shallow dishes or salad plates for serving food or water – ours are rectangular.
A round dowel (3-feet in length and 1-inch in diameter– find it in the trim and molding aisle at a home improvement store.
Tape measure
Four (4) 1-1/4-inch wood screws
An electric drill/screw driver with bits and driver heads
A jig saw and/or router
Sand paper
Eye and ear protection

How to Make it

1. Position your dishes where you want them on the cutting board. Leave a little space between the two and an inch or so of room around the edge of the cutting board.

2. Use the pencil to trace around the base of the dishes. This is where you’ll cut holes to cradle the dishes. 

3. Use the drill to punch a couple of starter holes to the inside of your cut line. This will give you a place to start your saw blade.

4. Using the jig saw or router, begin cutting along your line. Continue cutting until you’ve cut a hole that’s just right to cradle your dish. Repeat with the second hole.

5. Use the sand paper to clean up any rough edges.

6. Place your dishes in to the openings you just cut and measure from the bottom of the cutting board to the bottom surface of the dish. This will help you determine the height of your legs. The eating surface should be about 4-inches off the floor.

7. Once you’ve determined the height of the legs, measure and cut them from the dowel. With four legs in hand, drill a pilot in each of the corners of the cutting board, as well as the tops of the legs.

8. Use the screwdriver and wood screws to affix the legs to the bottom of the cutting board.   

9. Consider placing gripper furniture pads on the bottom of the feet both to keep the feeder from sliding and to protect the flooring in your home.

10. Wash the cutting board with warm, soapy water. And place your dishes. Serve wet food or dry kibble and if you choose, water.

Have you tried making an elevated feeding station for your cat? Share your unique design with our Purina ONE® Cats community on Facebook.

Or gather more inspiration for your own DIY projects for your cat on our Pinterest board.

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