Wet Cat Food Helps to Hydrate Your Cat

Whether we're talking animals or people, getting enough fluids is about maintaining a proper balance of electrolytes in the body. Essential to circulation, digestion and muscle movement among other functions within the body, the impact of hydration is far reaching. 

In short, proper hydration and whole body health go hand in hand.

That's why it gets constantly reinforced – you’re supposed to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

But what about your cat?

As part of your regular fedding routine, you make sure there's always fresh water available. You may have invested in a cat fountain or occasionally share a moment together while running a trickle of water from a faucet. 

But how can you be truly confident your cat is getting enough fluids? 


Fluid-rich Foods

Think about your own diet for a moment. When you eat tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, citrus, melons, berries and cooked beans, each of these foods have something in common. They’re rich in moisture, and in turn, help to hydrate your body.

Why not apply this same concept to your cat? 

Besides providing needed protein and other vital nutrients, our wet cat food helps promote proper hydration by allowing your cat to take in fluids from the food. Here’s why:

Many domestic cats can trace their roots back to the arid climates of Africa and the Middle East. Sources of fresh water were hardly prevalent, particularly outside of the rainy season.

As cats evolved, they adapted to their dry habitat by deriving much of their hydration from their prey. And with the bodies of most animals being comprised of water, it’s easy to connect the dots as to why this proved successful. 


High Protein and Moisture

To provide your cat valuable moisture, we have a wide range of wet food options to complement the crunch and texture of our dry kibble:

  • Try our traditional SMARTBlend® recipes with real turkey, chicken, beef or tuna as a pate or as meat in a savory sauce or gravy.
  • Our SMARTBlend® Healthy Metabolism wet foods are higher in protein than traditional wet foods, and are formulated with L-Carnitine to help your spayed or neutered cat maintain a healthy weight. You’ll find a nice range of protein options like salmon, ocean whitefish, sole, chicken. To maximize the benefits, these should be served in concert with Healthy Metabolism dry cat food.
  • Purina ONE® SMARTBlend® Pairings are exciting new combinations in every meal. Try Chicken & Chicken Hearts, Chicken & SalmonSalmon & Trout or Chicken & Turkey.

As you incorporate more wet food into your cat’s regular mealtime routine, be sure to follow the Daily Recommended Feeding Amounts for your cat’s Purina ONE® dry food to prevent overfeeding. You can find these on package or PurinaONE.com. When you do, you’ll see that wet cat food is much more than a treat.

It’s a foundation of good health.

Need guidance with the introduction of wet food into your cat’s diet? Check out the Wet + Dry Together Activity in the Purina ONE® Cat Journal.

Or connect with other cat lovers in our Purina ONE® Cats community on  Facebook


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