What Should I Consider Before Getting a Cat?

Getting a Cat

Think About the Basic Care and Training You’ll Need to Provide Your New Cat

 It’s important to think carefully about preparing your home to be a comfortable place for your new cat. What toys and supplies do you need? How can you ensure your cat will got along with any pre-existing cats? It's good to be as informed as possible when getting a new cat to ensure a smooth transition and the chance to establish a healthy bond right away. Check out our basic care and training resources to learn more.

Establish Your Family’s Roles

Did your kids beg for a cat and promise to do all the cleaning? While you should take this with a grain of salt, there's something for everyone in your family to do when it comes to pitching in. Just make sure that all family members have a clear understanding of their roles in the care-taking.

Plan for Costs

You're going to want to plan ahead and budget for all the care your cat will need, including visiting the veterinarian, buying supplies and paying for lodging while you travel. To get a sense of the financial resources you'll need, consult your veterinarian or local shelter.

Your Lifestyle and Environment

Did you know the reason many cats are relinquished to shelters is their owner’s living scenario? Whether it's roommates, moving, landlords or just not having enough space, factors related to your living space may make having a cat more difficult than you originally thought. Make sure that you have the permission of everyone in your living space before bringing a cat into your home. If it's not the right time for you, don't worry - there will be plenty of cats looking for homes when you do become ready.

Which Cat is Right for You?

A lot of people looking to adopt want to get the same type of cat they had when they were kids, without realizing that personality may be more important than breed or coloring. Some cats need more social time and attention, and some might be perfect for you if you have a busy lifestyle.

Where to Find Your New Cat

There are a number of sources you can look to when trying to find your new cat. Breeders and local shelters are just two of the many places where you can go to find the cat for you.

Finding a Breed

If you’re looking for a specific breed, use the Purina breed selector tool. You can get started finding a cat in your area using Petfinder or Adopt-A-Pet.

We hope this helps you decide whether cat ownership is right for you.

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