Are Daffodils Poisonous to Cats?

Updated: 6/24/2024
striped cat sitting next to vase of daffodils

Do cats eat daffodils? Cats are curious creatures that love to explore. If your feline loves to investigate the outdoors, you might be thinking about which toxic plants cats should avoid and how you can help them if they encounter one. Take, for instance, daffodils. Come springtime, you might be wondering, Are daffodils poisonous to cats? In short, the daffodil is toxic to cats, and you might find yourself with a few questions such as:

  • Can cats eat daffodils? 
  • How toxic are daffodils to cats? 
  • What are symptoms of daffodil poisoning in cats?

Keep reading to find out and discover how you can help your cat if they end up ingesting them.

Are Daffodils Toxic to Cats?

The short answer is yes. In fact, the whole plant is toxic – especially the bulb. As a part of the Amaryllidaceae family, daffodils are harmful to cats, though rarely fatal. If you’re also asking, Are daffodil leaves poisonous to cats? know that if your cat ingests any part of the plant, they can experience some level of toxicity. Make sure to call and consult your vet if you suspect they’ve eaten all or part of a daffodil. Be sure to avoid at-home remedies or treatments for daffodil poisoning in cats, too. Your vet is your best source for treating daffodil poisoning in cats.

What to Do if Your Cat Has Eaten Daffodils

Your cat ate a daffodil. First of all, don’t panic. Call your vet first as they will tell you the best course of action. They might tell you to remove any of the plant that you can see from your cat’s mouth or fur. This is to stop them from consuming any more possible toxins. Your vet might also ask how much and what part of the daffodil has been consumed in order to see if they need treatment, and if so, what kind of treatment.

Depending on the amount ingested, treatment could be required (which is why it’s important to call your vet). Your vet could ask you to bring in a sample or snap a picture of the exact plant to determine the level of toxicity. This way, your feline can be treated to the best of their ability.

Symptoms of Cat Daffodil Poisoning

If your cat has consumed any part of a daffodil, it’s important to call your vet immediately even before symptoms start to show. Like with most toxic plants, a cat’s body will react negatively to the toxins. Typical symptoms that your cat may experience after consuming daffodils include: 

  • Excessive drooling 
  • Tissue irritation 
  • Stomach pain 
  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea

In severe cases, you might see: 

  • Tremors 
  • Convulsions 

Clinical signs usually start within a few hours after ingestion. As you can see, the symptoms of daffodil poisoning in cats can be quite concerning making it important to keep your cat away from this plant to make sure they stay safe. Whether your cat ate daffodil leaves or your cat ate daffodil petals, all parts of the plant can trigger the symptoms. So, keep a watchful eye on your cat if you’re dealing with cat daffodil ingestion regardless of which part or how much of the plant was consumed.

Can Daffodils Kill Cats?

Though daffodils are not fatal to cats, they can cause a lot of upset and unnecessary suffering. And because daffodils can often be found inside the home or in backyard gardens, their accessibility can pose a risk to your cat. When it comes to the daffodil, cat-safe measures are important, so either keep it away from your house or yard or ensure there’s a secure barrier in place.

Treatment for Daffodil Poisoning in Cats

Always seek a vet’s advice for treatment when it comes to cats eating daffodils. If your vet advises you and your feline friend to go in for a checkup or treatment, this is what you could expect: 

Activated Charcoal for Daffodil Poisoning in Cats

Your vet may use this to absorb and remove the toxins from the daffodil. This is commonly used for ingested plant toxins in animals. You should never use any human or over-the-counter activated charcoal products unless directly instructed by your veterinarian.

Medication for Daffodil Poisoning in Cats

Your vet may use medication to induce vomiting in cats. This is to help remove the toxins from the body. Unless your vet instructs you, you should not try at-home techniques to cause your cat to vomit. This could cause serious harm.

IV Fluids for Plant Poisoning in Cats

After vomiting (either induced or natural), your cat could be dehydrated – especially if they’ve vomited a lot. Your vet could administer intravenous fluids to combat this.

How to Keep Cats Away From Daffodils

To keep cats away from daffodils, it’s best to rid your house of this houseplant altogether. However, if this can’t be avoided, here are a few ways to try and keep your cat away: 

  1. Cats don’t typically like citrus. Placing orange or lemon peels by plants can help deter them. 
  2. Place indoor plants in a glass terrarium. This casing can save your cat and keep the terrarium looking great. 
  3. Compromise! Replace toxic plants with cat-safe plants like catnip plant or lemon balm.

Now that you know the answer to the question, Are daffodils safe for cats? as well as all the possible risks and symptoms associated with this toxic flower for cats, you’re now equipped to handle a situation where your cat comes in contact with a daffodil. 

For more expert tips on caring for your cat, explore our other cat routine care articles


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