What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Cat Diabetes?

Updated: 12/21/20231-2 minutes
cat playing with treat toy

Diabetes in Cats

You may have heard that cats can get diabetes. Is diabetes in cats the same as in humans? In some ways it is: Diabetes is caused by a lack of insulin, the hormone that regulates how sugar is absorbed and used by cells and tissues in the body, human or cat.

Some Signs of Diabetes You May Want to Look For 

  1. Extreme hunger or thirst
  2. Eating and drinking far more than normal and still losing weight
  3. Increased urination

Impact of a Healthy Diet

Fortunately, the disorder can be managed with medicine and diet. If you notice any signs of extreme hunger or thirst in your cat, contact your veterinarian immediately.

We hope these signs will help you keep your eyes open for possible signs of diabetes in your cat.

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