Cat Litter Guide

Whether you’re a first-time cat owner, or a seasoned pro, Tidy knows it’s important for cat owners to understand their cat’s litter box likes and dislikes. Read on for litter tips that will help make your cat happy.

1. What kind of litter box should I buy?

The litter box style is up to your cat’s personality and preferences. A hooded version works well for cats who crave privacy, but it can leave others feeling boxed in. And take it from Tidy—you don’t want the litter (or its contents) to fly overboard, so go with a box with enough room for your cat to move around in. If you have a kitten, choose a box she can get into—and grow into—easily. Tidy knows how to train her.

2. How many boxes do I need?

Simple math: one box per cat, plus one additional box. So, one cat, two boxes. Two cats, three boxes. You get the picture. Considering multiple cats? Check out Tidy’s Tips for introducing a new cat to your home.

3. Where should I put the litter box?

Potty time is a private affair for most cats (phew!), so pick a quiet place that’s free of chaos and obstacles. And make it easy on your cat—keep a box on every level of your home. Litter box placement is just the start; discover other ways to  enhance your home for cats.

4. How much litter goes in there?

Tidy wants your cat to dig it. Always check the package for specifics, but about two to three inches for non-clumping and three to four inches of Tidy clumping litter will do the trick. Learn about Tidy’s different types of litter.

5. How do I keep the box clean?

Cats like clean. Tidy likes clean. It’s a beautiful thing. So, litter boxes should be maintained daily, removing solids and clumps and disposing of them. Every month, replace litter and clean the box with warm water and mild detergent.  

Some Tidy tips: toss the old litter and toss in the trash—don’t flush (even flushable types can wreak havoc on your plumbing), and don’t use as fertilizer (it could attract flies or other cats). Looking for some more litter tips? Get the full story on the Dos and Don’ts of cat litter.

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