Solutions for Cat Tracking Litter in the House

Published: 7/17/2017

Tidy knows that sometimes playtime and potty time collide. While it might look like your cat is throwing herself a party with litter confetti, digging is her natural instinct, so this behavior is likely to continue. But when it comes to keeping clean, Tidy can help you think inside the box.

Consider a box with higher sides. This will allow her to kick around without litter flying everywhere. Note: Changing the litter box suddenly is a bad idea. Put the new box next to the old one and gradually reduce the amount of litter in the old box. Once you’re sure kitty is cool with it, you can remove the old box.

Using less litter might help too—there should be enough to cover the bottom, or about three inches. Lastly, try putting a rug or newspaper under the box for easier clean-up.

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