Why Is My Cat Not Using the Litter Box

Tidy knows that tension can take its toll—on you and on your cat. What’s a cat got to worry about, you wonder? It may seem like they can’t understand you, but cats are sensitive to change, body language and other factors in the household that can cause them to go outside the box. Here are a few questions to consider and ways to help calm kitty stress:

  1. Have you moved recently or has someone else—including a new pet—moved in?

    If something has drastically changed in your home, your cat might be craving a little consistency. Try confining her to a smaller space with her own litter box and food for a few days, then gradually reintroduce her to the rest of the house. While confined, make sure to give kitty extra love and attention.


  2. Did someone recently move out or pass away?

    If someone special has recently moved out or passed away, give kitty some extra comfort and attention—she probably just misses her loved one.


  3. Has your cat had a negative experience in or around the litter box, such as an object falling on them or a territory showdown with another cat?

    Make sure that her litter area is clean and free from potential obstacles. If something traumatic happened where her boxes are, it might be time to find a new home for them. Less kitty trauma = less litter drama. Tidy says relax.

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