What Food to Feed an Older Cat

Updated: 1/31/20241-2 minutes
Senior Cat

Foods for Senior Cats

Just like kittens, senior cats have special dietary needs. For example, many older cats benefit from diets that are higher in protein to help maintain lean body mass. 

Cat foods that are optimal for senior cats have the following characteristics:

  • Enhanced antioxidant levels. Senior cats can benefit from antioxidants that provide extra support to their immune systems, which may be declining.
  • Highly digestible ingredients. Your senior cat’s aging digestive system will benefit from ingredients that are easy for her to fully digest.          
  • Adapted calorie levels. Optimized calorie levels help senior cats maintain an ideal body condition while supporting joint health. Products designed for cats over the age of 11 need to contain an energy-dense kibble to help ensure that they receive the proper nutrition required to maintain their body weight.

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