Cat Articles

Spaying and neutering not only help prevent overpopulation, it can also help reduce the risk of some reproductive diseases. Learn when to spay or neuter your kitten.
There are several reasons why cats fall over. From a simple ear infection to a more serious disease, click here to see causes and cures when cats fall over.
Diarrhea is one of the most common gastrointestinal issues for cats. Expert veterinarians weigh in to help answer, why does my cat have diarrhea?
Cat sneezes can be cute but can be a sign of allergies or other issues. Learn more about why cats sneeze, common causes and the cures behind them.
A cat throwing up is something common that happens more than we like. It's important to know why cats throw up and when you need to consult your veterinarian.
Cats can display some curious and sometimes bad behaviors. See some simple ways to discipline your cat to nip those bad behaviors in the bud.
Learn these 10 simple tips and steps on how to introduce your cats and dogs properly to create a happy, peaceful household for all.
When introducing your new cat to your current cat, with a little patience and direction, you can help the two get along well and become lifelong friends.
Territorial cat behavior can be common litter box problem for multi-cat homes. Help your cats get along with helpful litter boxes tips & advice.
Cats spray for a variety of different reasons, and this behavior is connected to their natural instincts. Learn more about why cats spray and how to control it.
Understand the top cat litter & litter box tips for your cat which includes do's and don'ts like flushing litter down the toilet. Check out our latest tricks!
A cat may stop burying poop for several different reasons. Learn why cats stop burying waste and find more litter box tips & advice here.