Behind the Breed: Corgi


Corgis have been gaining popularity, thanks to their talent for enchanting the Internet. Interested in learning more about this adorable, short-legged breed? We got the inside scoop at the 2014 National Dog Show Presented by Purina.

  1. This breed is whip-smart, and that means their owner needs to be too. As Heather Masch, owner of competing Cardigan Welsh Corgi “Lizzy,” puts it, “You have to be smarter than they are and you have to have a good sense of humor.”
  2. They’re better exercise buddies than they appear to be! Corgis were originally bred to be drovers, helping to herd livestock. That means they’re fast, powerful and have impressive endurance.
  3. These dogs are medium sized. Females should weigh no more than 28 pounds, and males no more than 30 pounds. This will help you plan out the adorable costumes and accessories you may want to get for your own Corgi.
  4. What should prospective owners be prepared to deal with? According to Masch, “You have to be able to put up with barking and shedding,” but that’s to be expected with most breeds of dogs. A Corgi’s double coat will require regular brushing to keep its beautiful luster strong!
  5. There are two distinct breeds of Corgi: Cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Lizzy here is a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but you’re probably seen Pembroke Welsh Corgis all over the Internet.

Enchanted by the short and sweet Corgi? Learn more about them here.

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