Can Dogs Eat Peas?

Karina Carbo-Johnson, MS
By Karina Carbo-Johnson, MS
Updated: 5/14/20242-4 minutes
person at table holding a plate of peas while a golden dog is eating them

Peas are a well-loved vegetable and they find their way into a great number of meals that we cook. They’re highly versatile and packed full of nutrients for us humans, but are peas good for dogs?

We’ve put together this guide to tell you if dogs can eat peas, so keep reading to find out!

Can Dogs Eat Peas?

Yes, dogs can eat peas! Most varieties of green peas are fine including snow peas, sugar snap peas, garden and English peas. They can make a great low-calorie snack in moderation, and many complete and balanced dog foods will add them in too.

Can Dogs Eat Frozen Peas?

Frozen peas are fine for your dog as long as they are cooked first. This is because frozen veggies are usually packaged as ready to cook, rather than ready to eat, which means there can still be a few bacteria present. These should be killed during the cooking process.

Can Dogs Eat Canned Peas?

No, it’s best to avoid giving your dog canned peas as they’re high in sodium because salt is used as a preservative. Because of this, it’s safest to stick to fresh or frozen when giving your dog peas.

Are Peas Good for Dogs?

Yes, peas can be great for dogs! Green peas are packed full of vitamins like A, K and C, minerals such as iron, manganese and phosphorus. They also benefit from being rich in protein and high in fiber. On top of this, peas also contain lutein which is an antioxidant that may be good for a dog’s skin, heart and eye health.

However, as we only recommend giving your dog a small amount of peas as a snack, the benefits are also pretty small. You can also rest assured that they’re getting everything they need to thrive from their complete and balanced dog food, so supplementing with other veggies is not necessary.

When Are Peas Bad for Dogs?

It’s best to avoid giving too many peas to dogs that suffer from kidney problems as they contain a naturally occurring group of compounds called purines which are converted into uric acid within the body. In a healthy pet, this is filtered through the kidneys. However, when levels of uric acid are too high, it can cause kidney stones and other kidney issues.

How to Feed Peas to Dogs

Dogs can have peas but it’s best to avoid the pods as sometimes these can be a choking hazard. The first time you offer peas to your dog, give them a couple and see how they react. Bear in mind that each dog is different, and they might not enjoy the taste or texture, so don’t be surprised if they spit them back out!

If your dog really loves the taste of peas, you can try using them as healthy training treats. Their small size and low-calorie content make them a handy option for this, although they don’t have a very strong smell, so may not be the best for getting your pet’s attention.

Remember to always follow the 10% rule when feeding your dog peas and ensure that no more than 10% of their daily calorie intake comes from treats, with the rest coming from their complete and balanced diet.

Now you know that dogs can eat peas! For more expert tips on dog feeding, explore our other what can dogs eat articles.

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