Dog Health: Symptoms & Issues

As a responsible dog owner, it's important to be able to identify the common symptoms of illness in your furry companion. Whether it's coughing and sneezing, limping or difficulty breathing, recognizing these signs early on can help you take proactive measures to ensure your pet stays healthy and receives timely medical attention. Browse our dog symptoms and issues articles from Purina Experts to learn more about what to look out for and how to provide the best possible care for your beloved pet.

Why Won’t My Dog Eat?2-4 minutes
Diabetes in Dogs - Symptoms, Treatment, & Prevention1-2 minutes
Epilepsy in Dogs1-2 minutes
What is Hip Dysplasia in Dogs?1-2 minutes
Pancreatitis in Dogs1-2 minutes
How to Help Prevent Pain From Exercise2-4 minutes
How to Keep Your Dogs Joints Healthy2-4 minutes
How Can I Help My Dog Lose Weight?2-4 minutes
Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Pressure in Dogs2-4 minutes
Healthy Dog Weight - How to Tell if Your Dog is Overweight2-4 minutes
Dog Seizures - Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment2-4 minutes
Heart Disease in Dogs1-2 minutes
What Are the Signs of Liver Disease in Dogs? 1-2 minutes
Allergies in Dogs - Explaining Allergy Types & Symptoms 2-4 minutes
Common Dog Paw & Paw Pad Injuries2-4 minutes
Heat Safety Tips for Pets2-4 minutes