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Updated: 11/15/2023
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The Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge® gives amazing canine athletes the stage to show what makes them so incredible. One of many dog competitions, events include Freestyle Flying Disc, Surf Dog, Fetch It, Jack Russell Hurdle Racing, Agility, 30 Weave Up and Back and Diving Dog.

Power and athletic ability rule the pool in this exciting dog diving event. Dogs sprint down a 40-foot stage before launching into a pool, aiming for recording breaking length as they hit the water.

Diving Dog Basics

The first ever Incredible Dog Challenge diving dog competition was held in 1998 at a small lake close to Purina Farms.  The winning jump was made by Scooter, a yellow lab, that was also a field trial champion with a distance of 20'. Now the top dock dogs push the limits of gravity, flying through the air 30 feet or more before splashing down in the pool. 

How it Works

It doesn’t matter if you’re talking man or dog, leaping ability is one the purest measures of athletic ability there is.

This dog event consists of a 40’ x 12’ stage or dock with a swimming pool at the end that measures 46’ x 17’ x 3’6”.

Each dog gets two chances to leap as far forward as he can into the waiting pool of water.

Jumps are performed in rounds, meaning all competitors jump once, then return in the same order for the second jump. A third jump may be given to narrow the field between the five or six top competitors.

At the beginning of their turn, the dock dog and his handler take their place at the starting position on one end of a 40-foot runway or dock. Once ready, the handler will cue the dog to start his run. He’ll race down the platform, jumping into the swimming pool. A handler may use a bumper, tennis ball or other toy or object to entice the dog to jump, but the object must be thrown into or towards the water. It cannot be held up for the dog to grab as he jumps. Each competitor has 60 seconds to complete their jump.

Distance is measured by where the furthest extremity of the dog enters the water. The dog with the farthest jump wins!

How to Win

At the Incredible Dog Challenge, each competitor is allotted two jumps, recording a distance at each jump. Sometimes the five or six top competitors will be awarded a third, and final jump to narrow the field. Results are then determined by the BEST, or farthest, jump recorded in any of the three tries. 

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