Are Dogs Omnivores or Carnivores?

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A Balanced Diet For Dogs Includes Grains

Many people believe dogs are carnivores. In fact, dogs are omnivores, and even wolves in the wild derive nutrition from both plant and animal sources.

Grains are Nutritious

When you look at the research, the evidence stacks up that grains are nutritious and effective for your dog. Learn more about the power of grains for dogs

When We Formulate Our Foods, We Start with Nutrients, Not Ingredients

We look for positive results to make sure our formulas benefit real dogs' health, digestion, energy-levels and ability to live a happy, healthy life. When we formulate our products, we don't start by prioritizing ingredients that are popular. Instead, we study the nutrients that dogs need, and then look to nature for the best ingredients to deliver on them.

We Don't Look at Ingredients in a Vacuum

We know that even the best ingredients aren't as effective if they're not blended in concert with other ingredients that make the meal as nutritious and digestible as possible. That's why we study how ingredients work together, and use the best team players in our formulas.

We care about dogs and helping them live healthy, happy lives. That’s why we make the most nutritious dog foods we can.  


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