Can Dogs Eat Bananas?


It’s no surprise that bananas are a perfect go-to snack for you. They’re sweet, provide you with energy, and conveniently come in their own wrapper. But are bananas just as good for your dog? Keep reading to learn if dogs can eat bananas.

Can dogs have bananas?

Absolutely. Dogs can have bananas. While they may not be as healthy for dogs as they are for you, a banana makes a good (and often motivating) treat.

Are unpeeled bananas good for dogs?

Bananas for dogs are best peeled. But, if a dog nabs an unpeeled banana and eats it whole, it’s not a cause for concern. Banana peels aren’t toxic to dogs. “That’s not to say eating a banana whole won’t cause your dog to throw up or have diarrhea,” Purina Senior Nutritionist Jan Dempsey says. “That reaction means that his system wasn’t ready and isn’t accustomed digesting all the fiber a banana peel contains.” So, it’s always best to prepare a banana for your dog by peeling then cutting it into an appropriate serving size.

Can dogs eat a lot of bananas? 

Bananas are healthy, but you need to be mindful when feeding them to your dog. “You need to remember that fruits tend to have higher calories because they have a lot of inherent natural sugars,” Dempsey explains. That means two things:

  • your dog will like the taste, and
  • you need to keep portions small.

“A good rule of thumb is the 10 percent treat rule. The total amount of treats in a day should add up to no more than 10 percent of the total calories a dog should receive in a day,” says Dempsey. Generally, large dogs can eat about one to two inches of banana a day and smaller dogs should eat less. Keeping servings small prevents calories from adding up. And, it also keeps the fruit special. Adding them to your treat rotation mixes things up and keeps your dog excited.

Can puppies eat bananas?

It’s possible that puppies can eat bananas. But should yours? Talk to your veterinarian if you’re wondering about treating your puppy with this or any other fruit. Puppies require a very specific diet to grow and develop. You don’t want the calories from banana to alter that.

Are the nutrients in bananas good for dogs?

If you’re wondering, “Are bananas good for dogs?” the answer isn’t a simple yes or no.

It’s possible, but not very likely. The servings of bananas you’re feeding your dog are small, so the nutrients probably aren’t making a difference. And that’s fine, Dempsey explains, “Bananas do contain certain nutrients like potassium. But if your dog is on a complete and balanced diet, you’re not relying on the banana to supply anything essential.”

Is the sugar in bananas bad for dogs?

It’s true that sugar is bad for dogs, even if it’s natural. It can cause weight gain, which can lead to other health issues. Since bananas are full of natural sugar, you need to feed them like you would any other treat. But, on the whole, bananas for dogs aren’t bad.

Should dogs with digestive upset eat bananas?

Dogs who have diarrhea or other symptoms of digestive upset don’t need bananas. “Bananas aren’t a cure-all for dogs with diarrhea or constipation,” Dempsey says. Feeding them won’t necessarily help your dog’s system. Instead, carefully monitor his diet. Try reducing the food he normally eats to see what he can tolerate. And if the diarrhea doesn’t resolve in a day, call your veterinarian. 

Will dogs eat frozen bananas?

Some dogs will. “Freezing a fruit or vegetable is another way of changing its texture to make it interesting. In an animal’s eyes, it probably makes it a different kind of treat, since it’s a different texture and temperature experience,” says Dempsey. So, frozen banana pieces are worth a try.

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