What Is Poultry By-Product Meal in Dog Food?


Nutritional Benefits of Poultry By-Product Meal (Which Includes Chicken By-Product Meal) in Dog Food

Protein, carbohydrate, and healthy fats are key ingredients in your dog’s food that give him energy, stamina, and overall health. Your dog also needs beneficial vitamins and minerals to keep him strong and happy. Poultry by-product meal (including chicken by-product meal) is a rich source of many of the nutrients your dog needs in a complete and balanced diet.

Poultry By-Products and Your Dog’s Health

By-products from poultry are simply parts of the animal that remain after meat is removed. They may include lungs, spleen, liver, and kidneys. These nutritious poultry by-products are high-quality ingredients contributing nutritional value to dog food. Purina pet foods don’t include parts including the feathers, hide, hair, hooves, and intestinal contents of animals are never used in Purina pet foods. 

Nutrients from Poultry By-Product Meal

Poultry by-products can provide a rich source of protein and healthy fats in addition to essential vitamins and minerals. Poultry by-product meal used in Purina Pet food contains between 60% and 70% protein and is highly digestible.

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