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If you’re wondering whether dogs can eat bananas or how much to feed your dog, we’ve got the answers you’re searching for. Our experts explain everything you need to know about dog nutrition.

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Dogs Eat Strawberries List
There’s nothing like strawberry season. The fresh, juicy berries make a healthy snack for you, but can your dog have strawberries, too? It’s a good question to ask, since you and your dog have different systems and nutritional needs. Read on to learn if strawberries are a safe treat for your dog.
Can dogs have carrots? Purina experts say yes, but as with any treat, be mindful with how much you’re feeding your dog. Our experts explain how to treat your dog to this tasty vegetable to avoid digestive upset or other problems. Find out more here.
Is Xylitol Bad for Dogs?
Although a popular, low-calorie sugar substitute in products from chewing gum to pudding, xylitol can be bad for dogs. Even small amounts can cause severe, life-threatening reactions in dogs. Find out how to keep your dog safe.

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