Puppy Articles

Raising a puppy is an exciting and rewarding journey, but it can also come with many questions and challenges. As a new puppy owner, you may seek guidance on various aspects of puppy care, such as understanding puppy behaviors, feeding puppies, tips on getting a puppy, puppy health, and puppy training. Our Purina dog experts are here to help with a collection of puppy articles packed with tips and information, ensuring that you're well-prepared to provide the best possible care for your adorable canine companion. Let our experts share their knowledge and experience, enabling you to confidently navigate the world of puppy care and lay the foundation for a lifetime of love and happiness with your charming new family member.

What Is Parvo?2-4 minutes
How to Stop Puppy Biting2-4 minutes
Puppy Chewing: How to Stop Destructive Chewing2-4 minutes
How to Help a Puppy With Separation Anxiety2-4 minutes
Learn How to Leash Train Your Puppy2-4 minutes
Puppy Training: Basic Puppy Training 1012-4 minutes
Dog Treat Training: When & How to Reward Dogs2-4 minutes
Puppy Food vs. Adult Dog Food: What’s the Difference?2-4 minutes
Can Puppies Have Treats? 2-4 minutes
Weaning Puppies: When Can Puppies Eat Solid Food?2-4 minutes
When to Start Feeding Puppies Wet Food2-4 minutes
How to Groom a Puppy at Home: Step-By-Step Instructions2-4 minutes
Puppy Diarrhea: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment2-4 minutes
Why is Your Puppy Not Eating? Reasons for a Change in Food Intake2-4 minutes
Puppy Microchipping: Everything You Should Know2-4 minutes
When Can Puppies Go Outside?2-4 minutes