Puppy Articles

Raising a puppy is an exciting and rewarding journey, but it can also come with many questions and challenges. As a new puppy owner, you may seek guidance on various aspects of puppy care, such as understanding puppy behaviors, feeding puppies, tips on getting a puppy, puppy health, and puppy training. Our Purina dog experts are here to help with a collection of puppy articles packed with tips and information, ensuring that you're well-prepared to provide the best possible care for your adorable canine companion. Let our experts share their knowledge and experience, enabling you to confidently navigate the world of puppy care and lay the foundation for a lifetime of love and happiness with your charming new family member.

How Much Dry Food to Feed to a Puppy2-4 minutes
Feeding Puppies: Everything You Need to Know2-4 minutes
Tips for Introducing a New Puppy to a New Home & to Other Dogs & Cats2-4 minutes
Puppy Weight Chart — What is a Healthy Weight?1-2 minutes
Why Is My Puppy Not Eating Dry Food?2-4 minutes
When Do a Puppy’s Eyes Open?2-4 minutes
Puppy Dehydration: Signs, Prevention, & Treatment1-2 minutes
Puppy Behavior Explained: Biting, Whining, Aggression, & Chewing2-4 minutes
Puppy Schedules: Create Daily Puppy Schedules & Puppy Routines2-4 minutes
How to Stop a Puppy From Jumping2-4 minutes
How to Cut a Puppy’s Nails2-4 minutes
When Do Puppies Start Shedding?2-4 minutes
Puppy Vaccination Schedule: When to Get Puppies Shots2-4 minutes
Normal Puppy Temperature: How Do I Know if My Puppy Has a Fever?2-4 minutes
Puppy Energy Levels by Age2-4 minutes
When Is a Dog Not a Puppy Anymore?2-4 minutes