How to Litter Train A Kitten

Cats are instinctively drawn to "go" in litter-like areas, so chances are, your kitten is already trained. All you usually need to do is introduce her to the box. “Tidy, meet kitty. Kitty, meet Tidy.”

Being prepared with the right supplies is important. Check out the New Cat Owner Litter Guide for tips on picking the right box. For now, keep in mind that kitty is tiny and needs a box with low sides so she can get in and out by herself.

Some kittens will try to eat clumping litter. Not only is this an unappetizing choice for a snack, it can clump up in her tummy and cause some serious issues. So choose Tidy's Non-Clumping blend until she’s 4-6 months old.

Think about helping your kitten get used to her new home by keeping her in one room for a couple days. Once you’re sure she’s using the box (and it should be pretty easy to tell), you can let her explore more of the house. Most importantly, enjoy this time—Tidy knows they grow up fast.



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