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Over the years, we’ve been asked lots of common-sense questions about puppies: with topics ranging from how to prepare your home for a new puppy to preventing puppy obesity. We’ve turned the answers into short articles. Just choose from the categories below. Thanks for asking.

Puppy training is a great family activity and can be a bonding experience. If you take the time now, you’ll be much happier with a well-trained dog.
Your puppy needs regular watering. Here are some (moist) tips...
Adopting a puppy isn’t easy. We’ve got 10 reasons, though, that puppy parenting is a really cute and smart choice.
The transition from puppyhood to adulthood can be a bit confusing. Relax. It’s a natural process…
Games are fun. But they’re more than that: they teach your puppy special skills.
When it comes to training: start early, keep calm, be consistent, stay positive, and repeat.
Puppies run hotter than we humans do. It’s just a matter of degrees...
Wondering what to feed a puppy? Here's the rule: puppies need puppy food.
Short answer: Usually in about ten days to two weeks.
Biting or nipping is normal behavior for your puppy. You have to establish boundaries early, though, or you’re in for bigger ouches later.
Puppies aren’t born knowing how to respond to a leash. Teach them how with these tips.
Short answer: Yes. Now let’s shed further light on puppy shedding.