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DHA brain icon

DHA For Brain &
Vision Development

Antioxidants For Immune System Health

Antioxidants For
Immune Health

High Protein For Muscle Development

High Protein For
Muscle Development

Nutrient Rich To Meet Unique Needs

Nutrient Rich To Meet Unique Needs

Complete & Balanced To Nourish Growth

Complete & Balanced
To Nourish Growth

Puppy Care Articles With Expert Advice

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What should you feed a puppy? Puppies have specific nutritional needs and puppy food contains essential nutrients. Learn more about what to feed a puppy and why here from Purina’s experts.
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Potty training a puppy can be challenging, but with patience, persistence and consistency, you and your pup can be successful. Find out the best way to potty train a puppy from Purina’s pet experts.
Woman bringing home a new puppy
Bringing home a new puppy is exciting. Preparing for your puppy’s first week home will help him feel more comfortable as you get to know one another. Get all our new puppy tips here.
Feeding Puppies
Puppies require nutritionally complete and balanced, regular meals in order for your puppy to grow and develop. Let’s take a look at puppy nutrition together: what to feed, when to feed and when to switch to an adult food.
Switch from Puppy to Adult dog Food
Wondering how long to feed puppy food and when to switch to adult dog food? Purina’s experts explain when dogs are ready for adult food and how to make the transition a smooth one for your pup.
Wondering how much to feed your puppy? Our experts put together a puppy feeding chart and guide to help. Find out how much food your puppy needs at

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