Everything You Need to Know About Puppy Behavior

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Whether you’re dealing with incessant puppy barking, whining or nipping, our experts explain the root of these behaviors and offer tips to help you correct them. Explore all our puppy behavior articles to learn more.

Featured Puppy Behavior Articles

My puppy jumps on people. How do I get him to stop?
Jumping on people can be bothersome, embarrassing and, at times, even dangerous. Like many inappropriate behaviors, jumping up can be corrected. The sooner, the better.
How to deal with puppy separation anxiety
If your puppy scratches at the door, cries or barks excessively, goes to the bathroom in the house and/or chews things every time your family leaves the house, he may be suffering from separation anxiety.
puppy chewing on toy
Biting or nipping is normal behavior for your puppy. You have to establish boundaries early, though, or you’re in for bigger ouches later.