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  • Eggs are a rich source of nutrients, such as protein, minerals and vitamins for humans. An expert pet nutritionist weighs in to help answer, can cats eat eggs?
  • While cats are carnivores, they can digest other foods. But are blueberries safe? Learn from an expert pet nutritionist if feeding your cat blueberries is a good idea.
  • Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, which can be beneficial to dogs with certain ailments. Learn when you should consider giving your dog turmeric supplements.
  • Although a popular, low-calorie sugar substitute in products from chewing gum to pudding, xylitol can be bad for dogs. Even small amounts can cause severe, life-threatening reactions in dogs. Find out how to keep your dog safe.
  • Wild cats live on raw meat from their prey, so are raw food diets for cats safe? Although domestic cats can eat raw meat, that may not provide all the nutrients they need. Learn more about raw diets for cats here.
  • There’s a lot of misconception around animal by-products in dog food. Many people believe they’re fillers like animal hooves and hair. In reality, they add a lot of nutrition to pet food and benefit the environment. Find out what they are and their benefits here.
  • Is coconut oil good for dogs? The answer is complicated. Although rumored to work wonders for humans, the effects of coconut oil for dogs have not been well studied. Learn more about coconut oil and its perceived benefits here.
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