What to Do if Your Dog Has Dry Skin

Updated: 12/20/20231-2 minutes
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My Pet Has Dry Skin. How Can I Keep Him More Comfortable?

You’re not the only one who suffers from dry skin in the winter. When the heat comes on more frequently in the house, your pet may also become itchy. Unless your dog or cat is continually scratching himself, dry skin is not a serious health issue. But you can’t just wash the problem away. In fact, bathing your pet can make the problem worse. So if you do need to shampoo your pet, make sure to apply a moisturizer afterwards.

A moisturizer is effective in treating the symptoms of dry, itchy skin, but the underlying source of the problem is probably dry air. So a humidifier at home can help keep your pet more comfortable. You’ll likely benefit from it, too!

By Dr. Larry McDaniel, DVM


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