Burmese Cat

Medium, with males weighing from 8 to 12 pounds and females weighing from 6 to 10 pounds
Sable, champagne, blue, platinum

An extremely people-oriented breed, the Burmese is frisky and mischievous well into adulthood. Craving close contact, she loves to cuddle in warm laps. With an almost doglike personality, the Burmese can be taught to retrieve. This breed is good with children and tolerates cat friendly dogs. Having a short, satinlike coat and compact body, this cat has large, expressive eyes that are one of the breed’s endearing traits.

Did you know?

The Burmese originated from cats that came from the Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia, where these highly prized felines were the personal pets of the head priest. Referred to as “Rajah” cats, they were loved and honored by old Burmese kings.

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