• Size

    Medium to large, with males weighing 10 to 15 pounds and females weighing 6 to 11 pounds
  • Coat

  • Sheds

  • Color

    Any shade of blue, from ash to slate
  • Vocalization

    Quiet, chirps or trills rather than meows
  • Temperament

    Loving, playful, loyal

Often called the smiling cat of France, the Chartreux has a sweet, smiling expression. This sturdy, powerful cat has a distinctive blue coat with a resilient wooly undercoat. Historically known as fine mousers with strong hunting instincts, the Chartreux enjoys toys that move. This is a slow-maturing breed that reaches adulthood in three to five years. A loving, gentle companion, the Chartreux forms a close bond with her family.

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