Chartreux Cat Breed

Medium to large, with males weighing 10 to 15 pounds and females weighing 6 to 11 pounds
Any shade of blue, from ash to slate

Often called the smiling cat of France, the Chartreux has a sweet, smiling expression. This sturdy, powerful cat has a distinctive blue coat with a resilient wooly undercoat. Historically known as fine mousers with strong hunting instincts, the Chartreux enjoys toys that move. This is a slow-maturing breed that reaches adulthood in three to five years. A loving, gentle companion, the Chartreux forms a close bond with her family.

Did you know? According to legend, Carthusian monks bred Chartreux at the Grande Chartreuse Monastery in southeast France. The breed was named after the monks’ world-famous yellow and green Chartreuse liquors, and the cats were selectively bred to have quiet voices so as not to disturb the monks’ mediations.