• Size

    Small to medium, with males weighing 7 to 10 pounds and females weighing 5 to 8 pounds
  • Coat

    Longhair — medium, fine, silky; shorthair — short, fine, glossy
  • Sheds

  • Color

    Blue, chestnut, cinnamon, cream, ebony, fawn, lavender, red and white, plus various patterns and shadings
  • Vocalization

  • Temperament

    Energetic, affectionate, playful

The Oriental is a sleek, elegant cat with large, flaring ears and almond-shaped eyes. A playful, spirited breed, the Oriental has a vivacious personality. This people-oriented feline usually forms a close bond with one person. Those who give an Oriental the affection she needs will find she does anything to please them. This is a healthy breed that can live for 15 years or longer.

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