Singapura Cat Breed

Small, with males weighing 6 to 8 pounds and females weighing 5 to 6 pounds
Short, fine, silky

The smallest domestic cat breed, the Singapura is an extroverted, playful feline sometimes called a “pesky people cat.” This breed thrives on attention and interactive play. Called Pura for short, these cats are intelligent and keenly observant. Friendly and social, they enjoy cats and cat friendly dogs, but dislike loud noises so are not ideal for busy households with boisterous children.

Did you know? The Singapura originated from small brown cats with ticked coats known as “drain cats” because they lived in Singapore’s storm drains. These cats fought for their share of fish on the Malaysian island’s shipping docks. Singapura is the Malaysian word for the Singapore, which means “lion city” and explains why the breed is known as “little lions of love.”