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Friskies Poultry Faves Cat Food Complement 8 Ct Variety Pack

By Friskies

Products included in this pack


  • Cat food topper variety pack in tasty enticing chicken or roasted turkey cat food flavors
  • Served in single-serving wet cat food gravy pouches, this treat makes a yummy gravy topping on dry cat food to enhance feedings or presented as a mouthwatering treat on its own
  • Take the guesswork out of feedings and deliver premium Friskies wet cat food toppers
  • Savory wet gravy for cats offers moisture and helps support the hydration that adult cats need
  • Premium wet cat food complements come in easy-to-open, easy-to-pour wet cat food pouches for mess-free, effortless serving

Available Sizes

  • Sleeve Icon8 ct variety packs

Product Description

Friskies wet cat food complements variety pack with 8 cat food topper pouches featuring an enticing gravy for cats. Serve as a between-meal snack or a complement to your cat’s complete and balanced meal for an extra special, extra gravy surprise.

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