All Medium-Haired Dog Breeds

If you can’t decide between a short- or long-haired dog, consider a medium-haired dog instead. They’re the best of both worlds. The slightly longer hair is often softer and fluffier than the coarse, wiry coats of short-haired breeds. Unlike long-haired dogs, though, many of these breeds are low-maintenance when it comes to grooming. Browse our list of medium-haired dog breeds to determine which one is right for you.


Airedale Terrier Dog Breed
Alaskan Malamute Dog Breed
American English Coonhound Dog Breed
American Eskimo Dog Breed
American Water Spaniel Dog Breed
Australian Shepherd Dog Breed
Bearded Collie Dog Breed
Bedlington Terrier Dog Breed
Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed
Bichon Frise Dog Breed
Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed
Border Collie Dog Breed