Japanese Chin

Japanese Chin

8 to 11 inches at the highest point of the withers
4 to 15 pounds
Black and white, red and white, and black and white with tan points
Conformation, Performing Tricks

The Japanese Chin is a dainty, elegant toy dog distinguished by a short face, square body and plumed tail. Bred to be a companion, this sensitive, intelligent and affectionate breed is deeply loyal. The alert, playful Japanese Chin enjoys learning tricks and thrives on showing them off to an audience. His feathered, silky coat requires extensive grooming twice a week.

Did you know?

A descendant of the lapdogs of Chinese aristocracy, the Japanese Chin, originally called the Japanese Spaniel, was imported to Japan as a royal gift to foreign diplomats. In Japan, the breed was regarded as royalty.The Japanese Chin marked the beginning of Japan’s open trading policy when Commodore Matthew C. Perry gave a pair of Chin to Queen Victoria and President Franklin Pierce in 1853.

Training the Japanese Chin

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