• Size

  • Height

    Males – 28 to 30 inches at the withers, Females – 26 to 28 inches at the withers
  • Weight

    Males – 100 to 115 pounds, Females 70 to 90 pounds
  • Coat

  • Color

  • Energy

  • Activities

    Conformation, Obedience
  • Indoor/Outdoor


A spirited dog of keen intelligence, determination and courage, the Kuvasz served for centuries as a companion and guard dog to European royalty. Well-muscled and agile, this ancient Hungarian breed later was found well-suited for herding livestock. The Kuvasz is a gentle, patient, devoted and protective family companion. An active working dog, he does best with daily exercise. His coat is easily maintained, needing brushing but little bathing.

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