Miniature Pinscher

  • Size

  • Height

    10 to 12.5 inches at the shoulders
  • Weight

    8 to 10 lbs.
  • Coat

  • Color

    Solid red, black with red markings, or chocolate with rust markings
  • Energy

  • Activities

    Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience
  • Indoor/Outdoor


Alert, quick and spirited, the Miniature Pinscher is native to Germany where he was developed several centuries ago to rid barnyards of pests. A loyal watchdog, the Miniature Pinscher courageously challenges intruders with his bold, insistent bark. A good family companion well-suited for apartment life, the breed is intelligent but may be stubborn. Daily walks and playing fulfill the Miniature Pinscher’s exercise needs. His short coat only needs occasional brushing and bathing.

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