Portuguese Water Dog

  • Size

  • Height

    Males – 20 to 23 inches, Females – 17 to 21 inches
  • Weight

    Males – 42 to 60 pounds, Females – 35 to 50 pounds
  • Coat

    Black, white or brown
  • Color

    Yellow, fawn, black, brown, or white
  • Energy

  • Activities

    Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Retrieving, Water Rescue
  • Indoor/Outdoor


The courageous, lively Portuguese Water Dog was bred to assist fishermen at sea by retrieving, diving and guarding. The breed’s webbed feet, robust body and waterproof coat make him a superior swimmer. Obedient and affectionate, the energetic, athletic Portuguese Water Dog requires daily exercise. His thick, hypoallergenic coat sheds minimally, but regular grooming is recommended.

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