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Cat Fishing

A pond full of fish is waiting for your cat…on your laptop! How many fish can she “catch” in this exciting game for cats?

Friskies Jitter Bug CTA

Does your cat bug you when you’re on your laptop? Download this game and “bug” her back with this bug-catching laptop game for cats.

DIY Cat Toys

Make super-fun DIY cat toys super easily! With items you already have at home, you can create toys to help your cat play.

friskies Canalot CTA
Friskies Irresistaball CTA
Friskies Knotty Spider CTA
Knotty Spider
Friskies Extra Gravy Chunky

Not just gravy. Extra gravy. Mixed with yummy chunks so delicious, it’ll have your cat saying “O.M.Gravy!”