Friskies cat food products flat laid on a purple to orange gradient background
Purina Friskies

About Friskies Cat Food

With a wide variety of yummy wet and dry foods, treats and cat food complements, Friskies provides a world of taste adventures that feed your cat’s playfulness and curiosity.

Friskies Dry Cat Food

Friskies Dry Cat Food

Delicious, crunchy kibble in a variety of flavors and textures! Each selection is so yummy, it will bowl your cat over.

Friskies wet cat food on green, cloud shaped background

Friskies Wet Cat Food

Textures and flavors your cat loves, and some they haven't tried yet! And with more than 60 varieties to choose from, your cat has endless paws-ibilities.

Friskies Favorites Wet and Dry Cat Food on blue, cloud shaped background

Friskies Favorites Wet and Dry Cat Food

Made with farm-raised chicken or natural seafood! Give your cat the catch-of-the-day or raised-on-the-farm mealtime experiences.

Friskies Lil’ Complements on orange, cloud shaped background

Friskies Lil’ Complements

Perfect for snacking or combining with meals! From seared cuts to souper cups and every Lil’ thing in between, add a Lil’ excitement to your cat’s day.

Friskies cat treats pouches on top of a pink Friskies cloud

Friskies Fun Cat Treats

Get the party started and keep playtime going! Crunchy textures, exciting flavors, and they help keep your cat’s teeth clean. It’s the fun way to say, “I love mew.”

Friskies History, 1934 to Today product shots side by side

Friskies History, 1934 to Today

Friskies has been providing a world of taste adventures to feed cats’ playfulness and curiosity since 1956. From its launch as a dry dog food in 1934 to its introduction of cat food, treats and complements, Friskies has always been at the forefront of pet food innovation. Today, Friskies is dedicated to helping keep cats nourished and happy with exciting textures and flavors cats love.

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