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Why Moist & Meaty?

The Name Says It All

With Moist & Meaty, it’s never been easier to go above and beyond for your furry pal. These tender and meaty bites come in easy-to-serve pouches, with a variety of savory flavors—all inspired by the people foods that your pet is always begging to taste.

A Meaty Meal That’s Easy to Serve

Because your dog doesn’t want to wait an extra second to chow down, each meal comes conveniently packaged in individual pouches. So, when mealtime rolls around, all you have to do is tear it open and pour. No mess, no fuss—and it keeps every bite delicious, down to the last serving.

Made With Real Beef or Bacon …Yum!

Your dog just loves the mouthwatering taste and chewy texture of real meat. And that’s why every pouch of Moist & Meaty is made with real beef or bacon. And with classic favorites that you might see on your own menu, he’ll know he’s done something very good in your eyes.

Top Off His Dish or Make It the Main Event

Lucky for your top dog, there’s more than one way to enjoy Moist & Meaty. Perfect as a standalone meal that provides complete and balanced nutrition, it can also be sprinkled over dry or wet food as a tasty topper. Or simply dole out a few pieces at a time for a savory snack. Any way you choose to serve these tender, meaty bites, you can always expect one extremely delighted dog.

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