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Puppy Chow Puppy Food & Treats Frequently Asked Questions

For healthy, growing puppies the amount of Purina Puppy Chow you should feed depends on the breed size and whether the food is dry or wet. Check Puppy Chow labels or visit the Purina website to learn how much you should feed your puppy.

Yes. Puppy Chow is good for puppies. Purina Puppy Chow recipes include the right nutrients at the right levels to support their rapidly growing bodies during their first 12 to 24 months. Learn more about Puppy Chow on the Purina Puppy Chow website.

Purina Puppy Chow puppy food is easy to find at most supermarkets, mass merchandise stores, big box stores, pet specialty stores and online retailers.

Even though some puppies may look fully grown at six months, they’re still growing on the inside. A good rule of thumb is this: small and medium breeds reach adulthood in about 12 months and large breeds take up to 24 months. Until then, keep feeding Purina Puppy Chow. You can learn more here.