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School Program

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Purina Farms School Program Supplies

Purina Farms School Program Supplies

APA Humane Education

APA Humane Education

Program Materials

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Value 1: Introduction

Purina Farms and the APA of Missouri are proud to offer this interactive curriculum emphasizing values like responsibility, compassion, humane, integrity and self-control as well as the importance of responsible pet care.

Purina Farms value 2, humane

Value 2: Humane

Be kind and respectful above all else.

Materials provided: Pet-a-Dog worksheet and stuffed dog 

  • Part 1: Ask your students to color the parts of the dog green where it is ok to pet and red in the parts that should be avoided 
  • Part 2: Ask the students to practice properly petting the stuffed dog to reinforce the coloring activity 

Value 3: Responsibility

Caring for others, both human and animal, leads to a more humane society.

Value 4: Self-Control

Value 4: Self-Control

Take charge of your own actions and emotions as well as assume responsibility.

Value 5: Compassion

Value 5: Compassion

Understanding how someone feels and showing support speaks volumes.

Materials provided: Adopter letter template, Caretaker letter template, envelopes, and pencils

  • To Adopter: Have your students write a letter of congratulations to an adopter on adding a new pet to their home.
  • To Caretaker: Have your students write a thank you to an animal welfare caretaker for helping give so many pets a second chance.
Value 6: Integrity

Value 6: Integrity

Be honest, show strength of character and do the right thing.

Materials provided: Guess the Breed worksheet

  • Ask your students to circle the primary breed of each of the mixed breed dogs they meet in the integrity video
Value 7: Outro – Graduation Ceremony

Value 7: Outro – Graduation Ceremony

Celebrate completing the program by passing out graduation certificates, giving away stuffed toy dogs and encouraging everyone to share the lessons in values with others as well as demonstrate them in their own communities!

Materials provided: Graduation certificates