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See the impact that the Purple Leash Project is making on the lives of domestic abuse survivors and pets.

For Help, Call the Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7 at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or Visit TheHotline.orgOpen in new window

Purina & RedRover Partner to Create the Purple Leash Project

“I wasn’t expecting I wouldn’t be able to bring Princess. And that was heartbreaking, especially for the kids. I feel proud just knowing other families will be able to keep their pets…that’s just awesome. Because, for us, Princess was everything.”

—Angie, Domestic Abuse Survivor

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“I was feeling bad because it was hard enough when I was in a shelter. I didn’t want to lose my dog. I felt like you just answered all my prayers.”

—Anonymous, Domestic Abuse Survivor

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“I endured domestic violence for many, many years and due to the fact that I could not leave my dog behind and our local shelter does not accept pets, I stayed. I stayed for over a year and a half. 

“I cannot thank you enough for taking this issue seriously. I actually cried when I watched your video as no one to date has taken this subject seriously. We have no shelters that allow pets in my area. 

“Please continue to fight for what is right. For some of us, our dogs are everything.” 

Anonymous, Domestic Abuse Survivor

A woman sitting on the floor, holding a cat in her lap and petting a dog standing next to her.

“We are so grateful...

for the generous donation from RedRover + Purina’s Purple Leash Project for our pet shelter. We receive the heartbreaking calls to our crisis line nearly every day. Too often, victims will stay in a violent situation because their local shelter can’t take pets. They put themselves at risk and stay in order to keep their pets from being harmed. The gift will help us keep all who are members of the family fleeing abusive households safe.”
—Sharon K. Robertson, President and CEO of YWCA Nashville & Middle Tennessee

“RedRover + Purina’s Purple Leash Project has been an incredible supporter and partner to Sojourner Center and its Pet Companion Shelter program. With their support, our capacity to help domestic violence survivors and their pets will nearly double. And we will increase our capacity to help families staying at other shelters who need a place for their pets to heal. We are grateful this project ensures that when women, children and pets are not safe in their own home, they have Sojourner Center.”

Julie Peterson, Co-Director of Sojourner Center

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